Change the Day…


I saw it in her eyes this morning.

 A MOM standing with her youngest son, waiting for the school bus.  A great Mom to her three kids and now she’s in the fight for her life.  She has cancer and her treatment has begun.  It’s such a departure from her regular life.  The one where she was busy running errands, running kids…just running.  But I saw it in her eyes this morning.   She is full of HOPE.  Her voice was strong, her spirits were up and if she was feeling even a tinge of discomfort from her chemo treatment, she didn’t, wouldn’t let-on in front of her son.  Life is going to move along in the only gear those kids have ever known and that’s forward.

Some times, without even knowing it, when we keep the bad stuff to ourselves, it helps us move past it.  How many times have you gone to work, not feeling well, but once you’re in the swing of the day, you forget all about it? 

That can happen in cancer world too.  Some days my most important job as a care giver was to keep Leroy’s mind off his cancer.  We’d take walks, play cards, or play Monopoly.  Oh, how he would love to build hotels on his properties and watch me land on every single one of them!! 

The power of a laugh, a smile, a game.  It can change a day.  It can change a day living with cancer.

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