Is Too Much Knowledge a Bad Thing?

As care givers and as patients too, is knowing too much about your cancer a bad thing?

Maybe it’s better not to do so much research after a diagnosis.  If the news is going to be bad, why not let the disease take it’s course?  I’m not suggesting you give-up, but is it better to go with the information the doctor provides and be satisfied with it?

If the prognosis is good and there’s a high likelihood of cure or remission, then do you save yourself the anxiety of knowing everything there is to know about your illness before you turn the corner and resume life as it was?

The reason I’m asking is because last night, some one said to me, “Don’t you know too much about cancer?”  This wasn’t about any one particular person’s cancer, just cancer in general.  But it got me to thinking about how I’d gone straight to the Internet, like so many of us have done, when cancer enters our lives.  And the questions presented to the doctor were endless.  The answers to those questions, at least some of them, were heart breaking.  They painted a bleak picture of what was to come in our case and I sometimes wonder, would I have been better off and just as prepared, if I hadn’t gone there?

Yet, to this day, I tell newcomers to cancer, “Do your homework.”  “Knowledge is power in this fight.”

But…is too much knowledge a bad thing?

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