On Our Side…


We’ve talked about the care givers.  We’ve talked about the patients.  We’ve talked about the nurses. 

Tonight, it’s time to talk about the doctors.  Cancer doctors to get specific.

These men and women are the soldiers in our fight,  battle ready every day. 

We expect them to be at the top of the their game when we’re in their exam room.  We expect them to have all the answers, when we run out of questions.  We need that eye contact like we’re their only patient.  But we need to remind ourselves, we’re not.  There was some one who sat in the chair we’re sitting in just a few minutes earlier.  They had cancer too.  They thought they were the only patient too.

What I”m trying to get at; our doctors do the very best they can to reach the best outcome for our individual disease.  Each cancer in each patient is different.  It is. And the pressure these doctors feel must be enormous.

I can’t imagine what the burn out rate is for doctors who battle cancer.  There’s just too much loss on this battle field. 

Those white coats stand for something….the uniform of a warrior who is on our side.

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