When Do You Say “Stop”


When does a patient decide enough is enough?  Enough treatment; enough battling; just plain ENOUGH.

I was reading a story today about a twelve year-old boy who has been in the fight almost half his life.  His cancer is a rare type and doctors have done an amazing job pushing it back time and time again.  This youngster even had a slight remission period, between many surgeries and chemo rounds, but the disease, it seems, has found its way around the meds and it’s every where now and he…at the ripe old age of 12….has said “enough.”

There won’t be any more treatment.  There will be time spent with his family.  There will be time spent with friends.  There will be hospice.

I remember when it happened in this house.  But I never asked Leroy how he got to that place in his head.  I wish I had because I’ve wondered about it for a long time.

How does a person get to the peaceful point in their fight, when they say “STOP.?”

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