She Lives


She stopped treatment last Fall, when her doctor told her treatment wouldn’t stop the cancer anymore.  So she decided, better to feel good and live her life, until the cancer takes over and decides to change all of that.  So she’s been living.  The days had been mostly good.  

But now, as predicted, her body is sending signals that it’s changing and she’s not feeling as well…..

It’s easier now to stay in bed a little longer.  She has a “helper” who manages the daily grind of chores and although she hasn’t given-up, she’s not quite as feisty about fighting her battle any more. 

I get the feeling she’s in a tug-of-war with her mind right now; a place many cancer patients find themselves when the disease takes them to that fork in the road.  One arrow points to the sign that says “fight.”  The other arrow points to the sign that says “die.”  Which arrow do you follow, which road do you take?

Family and friends are pulling her in the direction of “fight.”  They are a strong support group and they’re supplying her with energy to stay engaged in the game of life.  They are not about to give her permission to leave.

Care-givers, friends, family have that power, at least for a while.  It’s one of the rare potions cancer struggles to find a way around. 

Powerful stuff, the human spirit.

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