Do you read your horoscope in the newspaper?  Maybe you subscribe to one online?  I’m don’t take the little paragraphs of wisdom to heart, but I do read them and sometimes they just fit.  I wonder, who writes these things and do they know me today, because it sure sounds like they must!

Scorpio (Oct.24-Nov.21)  Gentle movement will bring harmony to your world.  Walking is a kind of active meditation.  Also, the sensory input of the changing scenery is a wonderful workout for your brain.

Walking is what got me through Leroy’s cancer battle.  Seriously,if  I hadn’t taken the time to pound the dirt on the canal or walk  around the neighborhood, I’m not sure what would have happened to me.  The walking gave me the outlet to process what was happening in my world.  It also allowed me to step away from it for a few minutes and breathe.  That was important too because when I walked back in the door, I was better prepared to continue the day.  We never knew what the day would bring, but walking had cleared a space that would help me deal with it.

I’m not sure about the harmony part; I probably have found more harmony these days AC, (after cancer), than during the fight.  Harmony, like peace, is elusive once you’ve been to cancer world.  I guess it’s something I continue to strive toward.

I have miles to go.

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