Sound OFF…


I always looked forward to shooting a story in the Pacific Northwest because it meant working with two of my favorite people, Glenn and Bill. 

A camera crew who knew how to capture the best elements that were so important in the storytelling.  Glenn is the eye behind the camera.  He makes the pictures that bring the words into focus.  Bill was his sound man.  He made the pictures sing.  A good camera crew is like a wonderful married couple.  One knows what the other is thinking.  They each anticipate the next move and I kid you not, one of these guys could start a sentence and the other one would finish it. 

They made my work easier.

Tonight, that crew has become a one-man band.  Cancer has taken Bill’s life. 

This wasn’t his first brush with the disease.  When he was a young man, he was diagnosed with cancer.  He was treated and he spent many, many healthy years, seeing the world and covering the headlines.  You didn’t know it, but many of the stories that filled the NBC Nightly News in the evening and awakened you in the morning on The Today Show, was Bill’s great work.  He would put microphones in places others would never think of,  to get the best sound for the story.  His headsets monitored interviews from all walks of life; from U.S. Presidents to Olympics athletes to folks who didn’t make the front page. He loved his work and he was good at it.

Bill’s cancer returned a few years ago and he’d been battling the beast, pushing back as best he could, but like so many others, this time it pushed back even harder.

He was a husband, a dad, a grandfather and a brother.  He was my friend.

He could make pictures sing.

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