A Beast of a Different Kind…


Some days there are scarier things than cancer.  Today is one of those. 

155 MILLION people in this country are under the threat of tornadoes.  The “take cover” warnings reaches north, to New England and swoops down the entire Eastern Seaboard and down around New Orleans.  Meteorologists are shaking their heads.  Many of them have never seen this before…the real weather veterans remember a time, back in the 70’s when the United States experienced these multiple twisters, but even those occurred in April, a time when they could make better sense of a tornado season.

This are powerful storms, twisting their way over open pastures in search of homes, schools, churches, anything that can turned to rubble.  There is a serious risk of harm to those who think they can stand-up to these storms.  No one is a match for these winds and lives have been lost. 

For those of us who are not at risk, we need to send our prayers in the direction of these towns,populations big and small, who  will be holding their breath tonight.  It’s always scarier when it’s just the sound of a tornado until the twister follows with its force.

Stay safe everyone….

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