Sharing Is Another Way of Lifting…


We’ve shared so many stories over the years. 

Stories of diagnosis, treatment, remission….Stories of living and stories about dying.  Each one a personal adventure shared with this loving and understanding community.

 I’ve always thought it was important to put it all out there.  When Leroy started this blog, he felt honesty would be one of the most important pieces of living with cancer.  Many times that honesty proved to be uncomfortable. There were times, it brought me to tears because he was able to say things here, that he wasn’t able to say out loud.  Once those intimate feelings were exposed on the page, it was easier for him to put a voice to them. 

I think many of you felt the same way. His words “spoke” for you too.

That’s why I’m always so surprised when I meet someone who doesn’t count their story as relevant.  When I hear them say, “Oh, I’m just another cancer patient.  My story is the same as the next guy.”  “No one needs to hear my story.”

That’s like saying you don’t count.  YOU DO COUNT.  And, it’s important to talk about your story.  Your cancer isn’t who you are, but it sure has made an impact on your present and future life.  It’s a part of you now, a chapter you may not have counted on, but it’s part of your book of life.

Share it with us.  We’re here to listen…we’re here to lift.   We’re here.

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