Today Is A Day to “Dunk”


There’s Mac ‘N Cheese, mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie…all comfort foods that at some point in my house worked better than any medicine on a bad day in cancer world.

And, you know what worked even better than any of those? 

OREO cookies

Nothing put a smile on Leroy’s face faster than a stack of Oreos and a big glass of milk! 

One hundred years ago today, the Oreo cookie was born in a Manhattan bakery according to some fun facts published about the world’s top-selling cookie.  Of course the United States leads the way, but China isn’t far behind.  You can get “green tea ice cream” Oreos there. 

Oreos were first sold by weight…30 cents a pound.  Considering how many of those little round cream-stuffed cookies were eaten around here, especially after chemo days, I think we would have been better off paying by the pound versus the bag.  Either way, I was only too happy to serve them up because I knew there was a little bit of magic in each bite. Any day in cancer world that included an Oreo was a better day.

Leroy dunked his Oreos…I would twist mine and eat the filling first and believe it or not, they’ve done research on this:  84 percent of men eat the cookie whole, while 41 percent of women twist, turn and then eat the cookie. 

Any way you twist it, it’s a happy 100th birthday to the Oreo.  Long may we all “dunk.”

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