The season of Hope and Brackets…


I admit it, I’m a sucker for Spring. 

Some of my neighbors are still holding out for one good snowfall.  They still think Old Man Winter is hiding behind one of their big oak trees, waiting to pounce.  It’s not gonna happen! And, quite frankly, why would you want it to happen?  Maybe it’s because I’m from Southern California, but winter on this coast is very over-rated.  A few cold days, a stiff breeze and a gray day is plenty of winter for me.  More than the lack of snow, this winter was nice because we had so many blue sky, sunny days.  The world is a happier place when the sun shines.  Our battles seem easier to face when the sun beats down from above.

And now we have the beginnings of Spring.  Hope is the perfect companion on a Spring day.  I was visiting with my neighbor who is fighting her breast cancer with every healthy cell in her body and she has such high hopes for a healthy life ahead.  She’s in the middle of treatment and yet she’s outside walking her dogs, inhaling the warm, fresh air of the new season.  Hope is her partner in all of this. 

Hope plays a roll in March Madness too.  Yes, it’s that time of year when college basketball rules.  Spring, Hope and Brackets…it’s a beautiful triple play.  We all have our favorites; some teams will advance in the tournament and make us look like we know what we’re doing.  Others will break our hearts after just one game….but it doesn’t matter because it’s just another lesson that we’ve learned and we’ll do it all again next year, full of new hope and a new bracket.

I”m always reminded of Leroy’s entry with the Hopkins group one year when he was in the midst of his cancer struggle.  We watched game after game after game.  He kept circling his picks as they advanced in the tournament.  My picks were in red ink, his were in black.  It came down to the final four and it dawned on us, he was two games away from winning the whole thing.  In fact he WON that year. His was the only entry to run the table.

Spring, Hope and Brackets…The Season is Upon Us!!

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