I Can See Her Smiling….

She had a BIG life…my friend Rebecca.  The world is a little less frenetic because she’s not here to stir the pot any more.  She stirred it plenty when she was alive. 

Inflammatory breast cancer took her life about 2 1/2 years ago but she battled it just like she faced everything…with gusto.  Rebecca was a hard working journalist.  She loved the foreign conflict stories and for many years, she was Leroy’s eyes on the ground from her position in London.  Covering wars and conflict were a passion, and a challenge.  And she was a planner, right down to the smallest detail.  She had all the tools a great producer needs to make a mark and leave a mark.

When she died, many of us who loved her and wouldn’t let her passion die with her, contributed to a fund in her memory and today came the official word that Rebecca lives on.  A Knight International Journalism Fellowship honoring her life and dedication to journalism has been formed.  Rebecca’s footprints were left all over the world, in small war torn villages and in cities where standards in journalism struggled.  She worked especially hard inspiring women to feel at home in a newsroom…that they too were worthy of following their dreams as reporters and producers.  So this fellowship is being used in Bangladesh to help train women broadcast journalists and managers.

It couldn’t be a more perfect placement. 

Rebecca…we salute you.

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