Such Strength, Such Hope….

He’s a teenager and yet he’s as worldly as a man three times his age.  Fighting cancer teaches you that lesson.

Subtract seven years from this teenage life and you’ll come-up with the first time he met the beast face to face.  It showed itself in the shape of a brain tumor.  Full-on radiation. ” He handled it,” said his doctor.  He did the same when it was time for a full course of chemotherapy too.  And he kept his spirits up with two amazingly positive thinking parents, always by his side.  They were there today too, except now, their little boy is more independent and now he’s the one assuring them that he’ll be OK.

Such strength…such hope in that electric smile.  You want to believe him because now another tumor, seven years later is testing that resolve.

But he marched into that exam room today, shoulders squared, attitude in the right place to hear what the next steps will be to take on this latest attack.  There will likely be more radiation, maybe more chemo too. 

Another challenge from a deadly enemy. 

When we said our good-byes, I wished him well.

His reply,  “Don’t worry, I’ll be OK.”



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