Two Birthdays..

He’s eleven months old, gets the giggles when he plays with his favorite stuffed monkey and just powered through a bone marrow transplant. 

When his doctor walks into his hospital room he gives him the evil eye.  Even at this young age, he knows what it means when the guy in the white coat, or yellow sterile gown in this case, is about to do.  The stethoscope comes out and the exam begins.  This little man is not a happy camper.  If he could talk, he’d probably say, “Get is over with…I have toys to play with and while you’re at it, I’d much rather be sitting on a blanket in a park somewhere, instead of in this crib surrounded by bags of medicine.”

But there will be no park, no outside activities for weeks to come.  Jackson will be watched over so carefully. His family and friends will pray his new marrow begins to take hold and cure him of his disease.  Because his old marrow was wiped-out, the transplant creates a new beginning; a new “birthday.”  Jackson hasn’t even had his first birthday and already, he’s got a new “first” day.  So much for such a little guy to handle.

But there’s nothing wrong with having two birthdays….as long as you can celebrate them for many years to come.


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