She was a professional wordsmith in her working years. 

She could turn a phrase, capture a moment or make you feel like you were standing in the middle of a countryside, when you’d never been within a thousand miles of that country.  But you’d put it on your bucket list now because Alice Steinbach had described it in such a way that you wanted to go!

I’ve talked about Alice here before, only I never used her name.  She was in the middle of her struggle with cancer and I just didn’t think her name was important.  Her courage and strength against her disease was what really mattered.  She knew her cancer would eventually win out.  It was agressive and spreading faster than any treatment could stop, but that didn’t stop Alice.  She pushed back time and again. 

Alice was the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for The Baltimore Sun.  Her work took her all over the world and she shared her adventures through her writing.  She interviewed the rich and famous and not so famous.  It didn’t matter to her, because it was always the story behind the personality that made her work so magical.  The Pulitzer in 1985  was for a feature piece about a ten -year old Northwest Baltimore boy, Calvin Stanley Jr., who had been blind from birth, titled  “A Boy of Unusual Vision.”

She later became a successful travel writer and wrote books about her journeys.  This was a woman who loved life; loved what it had to offer and lived it fully.

Even when the cancer slowed her down, she still gathered friends around her and together they read poetry. 

Cancer had her body, but not her mind.

I don’t know if Alice had a bucket list.  I can only imagine what it would have looked like though….A long list of names and places and every one of them checked-off.

Rest in peace my friend. 



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