The Round Table…

There we were this afternoon, six of us, sitting at a beautiful round table of glass. Bright yellow daffodils were the center piece for the perfect Spring day. 

It seems natural for grown-ups, when they get together, to talk  about health and health issues. I’m not sure if that’s because by this time in life, we’ve all experienced something that has impacted our well-being, or if it’s just a common topic everyone has an opinion about and they’re willing to share it.

Call it coincidence, call it life, but many of us had experienced the loss of a friend or relative recently. 

The cause…cancer.

That led one in the group to say what we’ve said here many times, “Do you know anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer?”

The question stayed in my head as I took my daily walk this afternoon and as I passed the houses and thought about the families who live in them, I could count five homes out of the first dozen who had been changed because of cancer.  It made me wonder, as I turned the corner and entered a neighborhood of strangers, just how many people in these houses live in cancer world too?

So, the answer to my friends question, “Do you know anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer”

NO, I don’t.


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