“Take Two…..”

It can’t be as easy as taking aspirin.  It just can’t be that easy. 

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard the news, seen the headlines, about aspirin and cancer. 

Regular use may prevent certain cancers from occurring.  If that’s not enough to make you sit-up and take notice, daily aspirin may also be an effective treatment for people who already have cancer.

Put down the car keys, it’s not time to drive to the drug store quite yet.  It’s not even time to run to the bathroom medicine chest and find these little white magic pills.  Aspirin, as it’s turning out, is powerful medicine, but it also can create problems if you’re not careful.  In the articles I’ve seen on this study, it is stressed repeatedly,  individuals need to consult with their own doctors to discuss the potential benefits and risks, such as internal bleeds, before starting aspirin therapy.

The medical publication “The Lancet” has published the results of these studies done by researchers in the United Kingdom.  This was based on previous research linking daily low-dose  or full-strength aspirin use to a reduced risk of death from cancer over a decade of follow-up. This time around, researchers looked into the short-term impact of aspirin therapy on cancer.  University of Oxford medical neurology professor Peter M. Rothwell led the work.

Daily aspirin use was associated with a 36% reduced risk of cancer with distant spread, over an average folow-up of six and one-half years.

Colorectal cancer patients, with localized disease had a 74% reduced risk of having their disease spread, when taking a daily aspirin.

There was a 35% reduction in cancer deaths among patients with certain solid tumors, with daily aspirin use too.

This is big news.  Yes, Bayer, the big aspirin manufacturer, along with a few other pharmaceutical companies supported the study, but there’s no denying the results.  It must have caused a ripple in cancer research labs around the world. 

Cancer, take two aspirin…..and die.




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