“I Just Go For It.”

“I’m not a planner, I just go for it.” 

That’s what the guy at the grocery store was saying to his buddy as they shopped and talked and walked down the aisle.  I passed them and smiled and wanted to say “I’m with you all the way buddy.”

But I didn’t.

There was a time when I would have thought that outlook on life was frivolous and OK for the younger thinkers among us. 

Wasn’t there a time when we all thought we would live forever and planning ahead was for the old folks who lived across the street?  I hate to admit it, but I think I was still leaning in that direction ten years ago when life was chugging along and cancer was in some one else’s life, not mine. 

But cancer has a way of giving a carefree life style whiplash.  If cancer does anything to a life, and it does a lot, one thing it really does, is teach you how to look ahead and plan ahead.  It’s a crash course in growing-up. 

So I guess, I’m the old ‘folk’ across the street now.  Years and cancer have contributed to that incarnation.  

But I must admit, I wish it was me who had said that!

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