Is It That Different Now?


I’m picking up a new vibe in cancer world.  An attitude shift toward the beast that is redefining how some patients grasp what it means to have cancer.

Maybe this belongs to the younger cancer victim who, just like our society as a whole, sees cancer as so 20-seconds ago. 

Two very good friends, who are in the midst of chemotherapy; one who has lost her hair, is wearing a wig and is tolerating the chemo remarkably well and the other who is just starting her  chemo treatment and is feeling its effects harshly….both are, as the saying goes, “so over this cancer thing.”  In fact that’s exactly what one of them said the other day.  She added “I’m so bored with it.”

When I read that in an email, I was stunned.  I chuckled, but then I thought, WOW, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that about cancer before.

Is it a good idea to be so indifferent about cancer? 

In one way, I guess you could say, you don’t want it to define you.  It needs to be treated but it won’t control who you are or how you live your life.  But you can’t really treat it like it’s some  kind of an annoyance either.  It’s serious business.

But maybe this shift follows the way some cancers are being viewed by the medical community these days too.  Some cancers are being treated like a chronic disease rather than a life threatening one and I guess that does change the way a person looks at their cancer fight.

But no-way, no-how, is cancer so 20-seconds ago.  No-way




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