Planning the Good-Bye..

We never want them to suffer with the pain that cancer brings in its final stages.

 We’d do anything to give them one more day with us, if it weren’t for the pain. 

It’s a dilemma we’ve all faced when the scans reveal the images of encroaching darkness.  Cancer makes its final moves with no regard to day or night.  It pushes aside the chemo, jumps over its radiated sister-cells and simply takes over.

So we’re left with preparing the road to take our final steps with our loved ones. 

Final good-byes are so personal.  Some of us like to roll back the pages of our lives together.  We do it with old photos, old videos, even a dress or a suit that has hung in the closet for years.  Maybe we wore it to a family celebration many anniversaries ago.  Reminiscing sometimes softens the heart break of  a good-bye. 

Some of us gather family and friends and tell old stories that remind us all of better times.  Remembering adventures helps us to forget about the cancer days because there was no cancer then, just strong, robust warriors who had the world at their feet. 

There was a future to think about then.

There’s been too many family and friends saying their final good-byes in our group lately.  Does cancer have a season, when it takes the control out of our hands and counts its victims while we stand-by and watch?  Some times it seems that way.  I’m not sure we ever really have control, but I know we do have the ability to guide the final path. 

We do it with love, understanding and with as little pain as possible. 




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