Face to Face With the Next Step


There are groups for just about everything you face when cancer steps into your world. 

There are ‘coping with cancer’ circles you can join.  They give you fair warning what’s likely to happen in the fight against cancer.

Care givers can join a group often run by social workers who are schooled in how to care for your loved one during treatment.

And if cancer takes a life, there are many different types of grieving groups available depending on where you fit.  Every one mourns differently and there is not a one-size-fits-all grieving circle.  It can depend on age, religion, family, no family, so many variables on this one.

So where does one go when they start to think about meeting new people, or getting back into a social world? Are there groups or guide lines to help a person take those steps?

I know some one who lost her husband to cancer and the thought of stepping back into a social setting has her paralyzed. 

I’m not much help to her because I’ve just never ‘gone there’ and don’t really know when and if that will happen for me.  I mean, I don’t sit at home with the covers pulled up around my head, but I haven’t gone where she’s thinking about going either. 

So she’s in a quandary. She’s not about to join a website dating service.  She’s not the type.  And she’s too fragile for that kind of launch.   She says she wishes there was some group she could join that would gently take her hand and help her back into that world.  When you’ve had a long, solid relationship, then, gone through a devastating long-term illness and then a loss, it’s hard to just close your eyes and jump!

She needs to have her eyes wide open for this next step.  It’s a big one.


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