So Many Choices….

Stop the presses!!! An old fashioned expression I guess, but it holds a lot of weight in cancer world. 

There are so many publications these days and so many articles on what causes cancer, what fuels cancer, what kills cancer, it’s more than any one can process. 

How does a cancer patient or care giver decide on treatment?  How does a cancer patient decide on the best place to go for that treatment? 

I’d bet that once the words, “You have cancer” bounced off the walls of the exam room you were in at the time,  you made a mad dash to the Internet and you “Googled” your cancer.  Why not get educated?  Being informed is an important part of living in this world.  But it can create havoc too.

There’s so much information out there on the web…some good, some not so good and most of us are not in any position to filter out the bad info.  And when it comes to treatment, we can really get confused.  Add the pieces of finding the best place for that treatment and the best doctor who fits your case and BINGO….it’s the perfect storm.

I wish there could be a central cancer center.  A place where all knowledge is stored about this disease.  Where the experts would go to mine the fields of research and discovery so everyone would be treated equally. 

So….what do we call this place?




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