I Miss That Other Voice…

When it came time to making changes in our household, we would both weigh-in.  I mean really weigh-in.  Opinions were heard, often and without reservation around here.  

Recently I made some fairly big decisions on changing my kitchen.  I’d been thinking about it for a long time, but I was kind of paralyzed, because truthfully, I didn’t have Leroy’s opinion to bounce-off of mine.  I’m not suggesting that I always listened to what he had to say….I didn’t ignore him either…but I realized when it came to major purchases or changing the color of the house, anything that would affect both of us,  we really did discuss it and usually agreed on the final decision.  It was a process, but we got there.

The kitchen is completed now.  I was lucky to have really good carpenters, electricians and painters.  They came on time, finished the work when they said they would; it really was painless.  Except for the pain of missing that other voice.   I thought about how we would have mulled over what ovens to buy and how cool the new kitchen looks.  He probably would have laughed at me for being so excited over a kitchen.  And I’m probably silly for being over dramatic about missing that voice. 

The entire project taught me that I can make the big decisions again.  Time has given me back those tools.

But , I do miss that voice.



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