Why do they call it Chemo-therapy?


Why do they call it Chemo-therapy????  They should call it something else.  Therapy should be soothing.  It should be healing.  The dictionary says therapy is the “physical method of treating disease.”  That certainly fits in this case, but when “chemo” is attached to it, the meaning changes.  “Chemo” adds the drug part to the therapy part and it’s a nasty mix.

It just so happens I have many friends who are in the chemo-therapy phase of cancer treatment.  All but one, had stays in the hospital, because of their chemo.  Dehydration was the biggest problem, blood counts were barely making a blip on their charts, and they couldn’t possibly think about food or drink. 

They always say chemo’s punch builds as the treatments increase. The body just can’t process all that poison.  I remember Leroy’s blog the day he wrote  “My doctors are trying to kill me.”  He endured 12 hard chemo “therapies” on top of taking chemo pills by the handful at home.  He would swallow these huge football shaped tablets.  Five of them in a dose.   What a warrior.  He did it because he believed it would prolong his life. 

Maybe it did.

But I still think they should come up with a new word for this drug treatment.  Or just cut it off officially at “Chemo.”  Forget the therapy part…save that for something a little less toxic.


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