You Can Run…But How Far?

Sometimes it just gets to be too much. 

Too many doctors.  Too many tests.  Too much bad news.  So we run or in this case,  get in the car and drive….toward a place that holds great memories.   Memories of happier times, healthier times, loving times and no cancer times. 

Life was good there.  A place to plan a future  and it didn’t include a cancer diagnosis.  There was nothing in the plan that made room for chemo or radiation either.  And there was no space for a test result that may be hinting that the disease has metastasized.   That’s cancer….the master of the surprise reveal. 

But can we really out run this monster?

We all handle it differently, don’t we?

Some of us hit the “attack” button.  We get aggressive and ramp-up the treatment plan. How many cancer cells can we kill today?   Others sit back, let the news sink-in and think about the next step.  An extra few days won’t matter. 

And some of us run. 

How far is far enough?


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