A New Direction..

There’s a new direction in cancer treatment.  It doesn’t have to do with chemo, radiation,or targeted therapies of any kind.  It has to do with surviving the disease and what a person needs to know to live a healthy life after cancer.

Survivor-ship clinics are welcoming these patients and the specialists attending to these former cancer victims are trained to watch over these folks while on the look out for late effect symptoms.  This is some of the most positive news I’ve seen from the world of cancer in a long time.  It means enough people are coming through treatment to warrant care of a different kind.  Care for living long, healthy lives, instead of care that lasts only until the disease takes over. 

A young woman I met who is a survivor had cancer when she was a child.  She’s not from the United States and her care in her country was very harsh.  The cancer hasn’t returned, but the effects of that treatment have come back to haunt her.  She’s one of many who are part of a survivor-ship clinic that has put her back in control of her life. 

She still fighting for her health, but it’s not the cancer fight anymore….this one she can handle.

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