Toes Firmly In the Sand…

My sister has a sign near the door at her house that says “If at first you don’t succeed, go to the beach.”

So, I’ve taken that advice and with my toes planted firmly in the sand, I’ve come back to my ocean for a little “reconnect.”

This morning, with the light fog still hanging over my Pacific, I walked and I walked some more and I inhaled the sweet salt air and I smiled.  I felt the “welcome back” breeze off the waves and saw the dolphins grabbing a free ride before the surfers claimed the swells for themselves. 

It was one of those perfect Southern California beach mornings.

I’ve sent a private whisper of a message to the ‘big guy’ that I’m sure was lifted up on a breeze and sent across the waves.  It’s his ocean too and I hope he’s listening.



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