Mommy Dearest



She’s mighty…mighty small, just a few ounces on the scale.  She’s mighty fierce too.  Don’t mess with her nest.  She built it from scratch.  The bottom portion, the foundation, is made from strong twigs and odds and ends of string and leaves and mud.  It’s firmly built between the metal arms of an outdoor candelabra.  And it’s protected from the elements too. 

No rain on her parade. 

She’s a new mom.  Yes, there is a new hummingbird in the world today. There’s one more on the way too.  A sister or brother is still encased in the smallest of eggs nestled in the upper portion of this hummingbird condo that sits outside, on the patio at my sister’s house. 

She sits proudly on her nest.  She’s snuggled in to provide warmth and protection for her new family.  What I assume, was her mate, paid her a visit, and together they flew off for a quick “flight for food” mission and then it was back to the kids. 

This is Mother Nature at her best.  Life renewing itself in the most delicate way. 

I wish her many more beautiful Spring days with her new family, before they fledge and fly to find their own way.

Above all, I wish them good health.




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