A Memory

The Pacific Ocean has a place just north of San Diego where it blows off  a little steam.  She skims the salt off her whitecaps and in the form of crusty ocean breezes, she covers the perfectly manicured turf and finely raked dirt of the Del Mar Racetrack. 

In the back-track area, an arena sits, set-up with six foot fences, blue ribbons blowing in the breeze and riding boots, polished to a mirror finish.  It is time for the annual National Horse Show at Del Mar and my thoughts take me there today. 

It was one of my Mom’s favorite events.  She loved horses.  She would applaud and appreciate every rider and every horse.  It wasn’t so much the competition as it was the spectacle.  Each rider in-sync with his ride.  The perfect match. 

Sixteen years ago, cancer ended my Mom’s life.  I have a million memories of her.  I don’t think of her with cancer.  She made the choice not to have chemo or radiation.  I guess she’d seen too many family members and friends make that choice.  It just wasn’t her choice. 

So, today, I remember her, sitting at the horse show, enjoying one of her lifes’  pleasures.  It’s the best way I know to think of “Mom” and smile.

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