Instant Recall

There I was sitting with her, listening to her talk about her cancer.  The wig she’s wearing is very life-like.  It’s very close to what her real hair color was and if you didn’t know she lost her real hair to chemo, you’d think she’d just come from a morning at the salon.  Her face is swollen from the drugs that come with the treatments.  She hates being so bloated, but I reassured her, it was only temporary.  The bigger question is, how long is temporary?

She talked about how much one shot brings on such intense bone pain.  I suggested a few things that might relieve some of those aches.  One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was a care-giver again. 

Use straws when you drink.  Fluids are so important and even if you don’t feel like drinking, taking liquid through a straw makes it so much easier.  Chew spearmint gum.  It will settle your stomach after chemo.  Protein; eat it.  The body needs it during treatment.  If you can’t eat, make a protein shake.  Add ice cream, add calories. Don’t forget the ginger, it’s good for digestion.  Stay comfortable.  Wear your favorite sweats; soft and well-worn.

That’s the way the conversation went.  The list on the paper was long. 

As I was driving home, I remembered about the foot rubs.  Oh, how Leroy loved those foot rubs. 

I’ll have to email her.

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