Peach Fuzz = Happy

My neighbor has a smile on her face again.  She’s kissed her cancer good-bye.  A fond farewell.  In her mind, it’s over and life is good. 

Not everyone shakes off treatment with such gusto.  It’s almost as if she separated that part of her life from the rest of it.  Cancer happened, she dealt with it and now it’s stuffed in a box, sealed and put away for good.  Adios, beast.

She may have declared freedom from her disease, but it hasn’t quite done the same.  The signs of chemo are hanging on….she’s still wearing big floppy hats, scarves and a really wonderful wig.  She even has just bangs to wear with ball caps and they look great too.  But she’s anxious to chuck them all and get back to having hair…her hair. 

So what’s really bugging her now is the first signs of new hair growth have begun.  But it’s coming in gray and fuzzy.  I’m not sure which is worse, the gray part or the fuzzy part.  I reminded her that many times the first hair that grows back isn’t the final growth.  I’m not sure that’s helped much. We were laughing about the fuzzy part. 

But until she sees more of what’s coming, she’s sticking to those hats. 

I say, let the fuzz see the sun!  It deserves a little fresh air.. after all, it’s given my friend her smile back.  Peach fuzz=Happy.


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