“But, will my hair fall out?”

The most common question in cancer world.  “But, will my hair fall out?”

Oncologists anywhere will tell you they try so hard to explain cancer treatment.  What it will do to the body.  How each patient is different, but most will have to endure some kind of side effect from the poison.  Nausea, cramps, weakness, fatigue, diarrhea…the list is long.  But the most asked question of all is about hair loss. 

It’s our face frame.  It’s also our time line through childhood, our teen years, our adult life.  Sometimes we go through life with the same exact hair style.  That really is a time stamp.  Our moms and dads took us to a barber or hair stylist and that person decided then and there, as children, what our hair cut would be for the rest of our lives.

 And then comes cancer and chemo and the hair is history.

We probably spend more time on our hair than any other part of our body.  Hair has always been a big deal in our society. Going through old family pictures means laughing at all the old hair styles and chuckling about “bad hair days.”

So when cancer drops in, and the hair falls out, it becomes another symbol of where we are in our lives.  And it’s not a good place.  We’d like to be anywhere but in cancer world. 

Our hair, or lack of it, speaks volumes.

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