He’s a grown man now, but he’ll always be his little boy.  He watched him chase a soccer ball when he was barely taller than the grass on the field.  He played baseball so well, he allowed himselff to dream about the day he’d see him in a major league uniform, playing for your favorite team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

You’re his DAD and even though those ‘little boy’ days are long gone, they still provide him with wonderful recollections. 

So how did a cancer diagnosis manage to break into this perfect day dream? 

He’s just 30 years old.  He’s really just beginning his ‘grown-up’ life and now he’s facing one tough battle to beat this cancer.  And you’re wondering, “What can I do to help my boy?”  “Is there anything I can do?”

I met the Dad who is asking himself those questions these days.  He’s beside himself with fear.  Cancer is such a scary reality.  Being thrown into the cancer abyss leaves a person in a free-fall with no chance of a soft landing.

Luckily for this Dad, his son has enough strength for both of them.  He’s getting educated, he’s got a great team of doctors assembled and he refuses to wobble in the face of his cancer. 

In this particular case, the son will help his Dad through the worst of this.  That’s what love and strength and family can do when cancer comes knocking.



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