A Closet Full of Memories

We’re left behind with dates, places and smiles of a life time together. 

If we were lucky enough to meet at a time when youth was on our side, we were a little naive about the future.  It was out there, but it wasn’t really something we mapped out, because IT was always going to be out there.  We were unpolished in so many ways.  What was “LOVE” any way?  Did we even know we were “falling-in” until one day, we just knew that person was THE one? 

And so we grew together.  We built a memory book filled with home cooked meals, ice skating on frozen ponds, trips to Hawaii, marriage, family: the list goes on and on. 

And then the future caught up with us.  It wasn’t what we planned on.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  How do we hold on to all those minutes, hours, days, years?   

I need to make a memory with a memory.  There are the war shirts, Leroy wore when he covered those 15 conflicts.  His Hawaiian shirts, that enjoyed so many sunsets on Maui. T-shirts that turned into souvenirs from covering natural disasters to presidential elections.  A life on display, hanging in the closet. 

But soon to become a memory blanket.  A little piece of cloth taken from each garment, stitched together. 

A quilt of a grand life, lived to the fullest.

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