It’s in the Heart

Where does that “fight” come from?  The part of us that just won’t give-up or give-in to this nasty disease.

It’s in the heart.

Many years ago I gave Leroy a wire figure of a girl.  She’s not much more than twisted wire that outlines her shape.  There’s a little red piece of metal that looks like a little skirt and some curly wire for her hair.  Metal arms and legs are bent outwardly,  no face, but in the middle of her wire frame hangs a heart.

To me, it’s a big, beautiful, rusty metal heart.  It said, love,  hope and fight.  It said,  ” I’m in this with you for as long as it lasts.  We’re in this together.  You fight, I fight.”

Did we get tired?  Oh, yes.  Just like so many of you have and still do.  But to get that extra day, or 20 years or some where in-between, was worth what we went through.  I will always feel that way. 

My little wire friend stands right next to this computer to remind me of her message every day.  “It’s in the heart, Laurie….It’s in the heart.”



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