He reminds me of Leroy in many ways.  He’s focused.  He has no intention of giving-in to his colon cancer.  He’s thinking forward, way beyond his treatment. 

He’s a lot younger than Leroy was and by most standards, Leroy was a young man fighting his cancer, so he has even more years to fight for, if you know what I mean?

Tomorrow he steps into the cancer arena for round two of what his doctors hope will be the knockout round.  In his mind, he’ll walk into the chemo room armed and dangerous. He’s ready to kill cancer cells and leave no prisoners. 

I met this young man just a few weeks ago.  He, along with his family and girlfriend, decided to tell their story to the world as part of the “Swim Across America” campaign.  A fantastic country wide event, where volunteers swim in the open ocean  or pool swim to gather donations that benefit cancer research.  In this part of the world, Baltimore will be the swim location and the money donated will go to colon cancer and pancreas cancer research at Johns Hopkins. 

This will be round two for my new friend.  He’s already been through surgery and radiation.  He’s pushed back the cancer with some success but he’s in for a full round of chemo now and he knows this will be the toughest test so far.  He likens his fight to a military battle.  I say, whatever works, when you’re facing an elusive enemy like cancer. 

 The bell rings for round two in the morning.  Jason will come out fighting.

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