YES, YES and YES Again….

It seems to be a “no-brainer.”  We say “yes” multiple times, if it means a longer life, a quality life, a chance to be with our family and friends a little longer.  It could mean tough days, sitting in a chemo room attached by a tube to the slow drip that could give us that extra time.  It could mean being cradled in a machine that is sending targeted therapy to a tumor that wasn’t there months before, but has now found its way to the surface of an organ.  But we’ll do it….we’ll do whatever it takes. 

When it gets to this point in cancer world, it’s even more personal than it was the first time around.  “IT” vs “US” is the way I remember it.  A hard-headed caregiver and a very determined patient, who just kept saying “What else have you got?”  And his doctors answered every time he asked.

We got close to three years out of a diagnosis and time table that three other doctors guessed would be 3 to 6 months.  We left them behind to find aggressive, positive thinkers who couldn’t wait to hear the “Yes,” “Yes” and” “Yes” again.

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