When the Phone Rings…

“Please, she said, will you be available to put stamps on a dozen envelopes and pass them around the neighborhood to collect money for cancer research?”  

I pictured this woman sitting in a little cubicle with a speed dial, computerized phone.  She no doubt had a headset on and she was reading from a card.  She continued with her sales pitch; “Do you know how important it is to give to cancer research?”  She mentioned a particular type of cancer and then launched into the details of that cancer.  But she circled around and went for the heart, telling me how much it would mean to the cause, if I would agree to mail out these appeal cards, collect the donations and send them in. 

She barely took a breath.  Clearly, she’d been making this phone speech all day long. 

She never heard me say “YES.”  I said it as soon as I heard her say cancer. 

When you get that call….you answer that call.

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