A Birthday….

It’s early morning on this June 16th and I’ve already been awake for hours.  Rewinding, I guess you could say.  Thinking back over many June 16th’s…This is Leroy’s birthday.

“It’s my birthday week.”  It wasn’t a question, it was a statement and I can hear his voice and I can see his face, smiling and laughing when he said it every year.  And this would be the big day.  The week before was just a little something we created as a “build-up” to THE day.  We did it just because we could!! 

Birthdays were meant to be remembered.

No matter where we were for Leroy’s birthday, there was a chocolate cake within reach.  The year we celebrated his 40th at Disney World, I brought one with us, the Disney folks surprised him with one and friends had ordered another!  We walked into our room after a day in the park and the place was filled with chocolate cakes and balloons.  To Leroy, there was no such thing as too much chocolate cake!!

So, today, I’ll take some balloons to one of our favorite spots on the C & O Canal and send them high in the sky to let the Big Guy know I remember his day.  He would have been 57 years old today.

And yes….there will be chocolate cake.

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