A Satchel Full of Time…

This heart is beating slower today.  It’s feeling the weight of so many memories; like an over stuffed satchel hanging heavy over my shoulder.

The ‘Big Guy’ made a place for himself in that heart.  He filled it with laughter, smiles, good conversations and that’s where we kept the  plans to grow old together.   Birthday parties, kisses, hugs; memories like little Kodak photographs, maybe yellowed with age, sit there now, ready to be summoned on a moments notice.

Today, I’m reaching into that place, to remember our ‘marrying day.’  A bride and a groom, who lived so many years together, always thinking we’d do the deed when we got around to it.

The official marriage was a brief one.  Cut short by an intruder with no interest in making more memories. 

The weight of this day will lift eventually and the  new rhythm of  my days will return.  I’ll have to do something about adjusting the strap on that satchel.

Happy Anniversary, Leroy.




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