YOU Get It….

I’m always reminded about how special this little blog is when I have my own “moment” of cancer hurt.  We may not be the biggest blogging community, but you are by far, the best. 

I thank you all for “lifting” me these last few days. 

Could it be that it’s getting harder instead of easier to accept this loss?  I heard from one of Leroy’s sisters’  just the other day. She told me, she feels a stronger sense of grief now,  than when he died in 2008.  The finality is sinking in and it hurts.

I guess that’s not too unusual.  Some grief experts will counsel family members that they could experience more profound feelings of loss a few years after the death of  a  loved one. 

I’m not in that group.  It hit me like a brick immediately.  Those were intense times, being a care-giver.  We were in it together every day, all day.  When he died, it all stopped.  What had become a life style, abruptly ended.  I’d lost some one I loved dearly and my world, as I’d known it for a very long time, came to a screeching halt. 

And over the cliff I went.  Grief wasted no time finding me. 

But grief isn’t what I feel now.  Sad, is still what I feel now.  I miss Leroy.  On days that have even more meaning regarding his life, I’m even sadder still. But I also have all of you.

You understand.  You “get it.”   I’m sorry you “get it,” but I’m happy you’re here.

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