The signs of healing…


First she found out she had cancer.  “You have cancer.”  Words that shook her soul. 

Then came the biopsies, the staging and more words.  This time, they were more precise.  They spelled out the type, if there was a genetic component, how aggressive her type of cancer was and the treatment needed to kill it.

Then there was the treatment.  Surgery led the way.  She lost her breasts. But she thought if that’s what it takes to live and be here for my kids and husband, that’s OK.  Then came a lot of chemotherapy, a lot of radiation and a lot of strong cancer drugs.  The radiation really hit her hard.  She was very sick and she was very tired.  The treatments had to stop for awhile because her body just couldn’t take the assault.

But she rallied.

She got a wig and went back to work.  She leaned hard, on her family and they were there for her.  And she rallied again.

The wig came off because the short little wisps of hair gave her a new look.  It was the look of post-cancer treatment and she liked that. 

Now, it’s time for reconstruction.  This time the surgery tells a different story.  It’s not a cancer story any more, it’s a survival story.  Her body is being reshaped and when she heals-up this time, she’ll be whole in so many positive ways….

Really whole. 


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