What a Week…

Well…I can’t say that I’m sorry to see this week dissolve into thin air.  Whew!!

In cancer world, what we remember and how we remember it twists and turns inside our heart and really changes us.  Especially on specific days.  Having two big days of remembrance fall within 72 hours of each other, tends to raise the anxiety level profoundly.  And, yes, I know it’s coming every year, but even that doesn’t help.  There isn’t any “prep” for this stuff.

But you were here for me and that’s something I can always rely on and appreciate.  Unfortunately, we’re in this big boat together.  Most days it’s pretty calm sailing.  We talk about a lot of individual stories here, we talk about cancer break-throughs, we talk about our feelings because cancer is a part of our lives.   And some days, it gets a little rough in our boat, when we talk about hurting and that’s when we really rise to the task. 

So, I wish everyone a peaceful, healthy weekend.  No rockin’ the boat.

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