Quality or Quantity

We make so many decisions as patients and care-givers, going through the cancer experience.  Decisions on treatment, choices of doctors, what cancer center is the best place for care?  It’s stressful and puts so much added pressure on each of us. 

One of the hardest of these, comes late in the game, when the disease has spread and the body begins to show signs that it just can’t carry the weight of the cancer much longer. 

Your doctor has been with you in this fight every step of the way, and has suggestions that might mean buying a little more time.   But deep down you begin to question is time the most important part of this fight, or is the quality of life left to live more important now? 

There is no simple answer to this question. It’s a tough conversation to have and it’s one of the parts of cancer world many of us have been forced to endure.  No more treatment means exactly what it implies; end of life is near.  How could you possibly choose this option?  The simplest way to explain it; you hope for an easing of side effects, you hope for better days, for as long as those days last. 

You hope for a little bit of peace. 

Quality over quantity. 


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