In Search of Milk!!!!

Sometimes it’s important to acknowledge the force of Mother Nature.  She had a hissy-fit Friday night in my neck of the woods and I mean a real foot stomping, howling tantrum.  For those of you who don’t live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country, you probably read about this natural disaster. Those of us who call this region home, lived through it and I can tell you, it wasn’t much fun. 

I spent the bulk of the storm sitting in my bathtub in the most secure bathroom of my house. Three strong walls around me, as I listened to the trees snapping and the debris being hurled against the house. 

Hurricane force winds aren’t supposed to visit places like Potomac, Maryland.  We have hard wood trees up here and they don’t bend in 80 mile an hour gales.  Well, they do bend to a point, but then they snap and nothing good happens after that.  My neighbors to the left found the top of an oak in their bedroom.  Lucky they weren’t home at the time.   My neighbors to the right had two huge oak’s fall over their driveway, missing their house by just a few feet.  I had so many tree tops fall onto my driveway, there was no way out.  I’m still peeling leaves and tree pods off my outside walls. 

Power.  How we take it for granted….over a million people have lost it in the middle of this horrible heat wave.  No flicking the switch for a lighted room.  No air conditioning.  NO AIR CONDITIONING!!!  What people would give for an ice cube around here….and no cold milk.  I can not wait for the grocery stores to reopen with refrigeration, so I can stock-up on cold milk….one of my favorite foods!!

The clean up is on….Power crews from Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and beyond are caravanning to this region to help with repairs.  They can’t get here soon enough for me. 

 Until then, have a glass of cold milk and think of me!!



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