The Care-giver…

I’d like to acknowledge a woman tonight, who wore the hat of care-giver.  Her husband had cancer.  He died early this morning in a hospital bed.  Cancer did not let go of him easily.   

She never let go of him.

When he was diagnosed with bladder cancer, she was a busy mom in addition to building a successful career.  But with cancer, careers seem to take on a secondary role.  It would be there down the road.  Now was the time to take care of cancer business.

She would email for guidance.  Where to go, who to see, what did this term mean, how many opinions should we get?  All the right questions.  When treatment was prescribed, she’d ask, what can I do to make it easier on him?

As the disease progressed, it got harder.  She’d put on her care-giver hat and hunkered-down.  She did more research.  She advocated for her man at every turn.  She kept records.  She checked and double-checked that his meds were right and if they were changing, she’d want to know why.

 She never forgot about the love, either.  The years they had together as a cancer free family.  Those memories fueled her desire to do the very best for him now, when he needed her most.  When hope was fading I received an email from her that said she was trying so hard to stay strong through this final good-bye.


That’s what care-givers find, even at the end, they find strength. 

Time to take the hat off now…time to rest.


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