Our Message…

You’ve done it again…you’ve managed to “lift” and convince a long-time lurker out of the shadows to join our written voice here at “OUR Cancer.”

From the looks of it, Susan Laub has been with us for close to four years.  She’s been reading and following our words and whatever the reason, decided to join our family, with her first post. 

I welcome you, Susan.  It’s not easy to share the cancer experience.  This family of bloggers make it look easy.  It’s not easy. 

We’ve found cancer world is easier to live in if we express our thoughts.  Some here are living it now.  Some have been through the worst of it, like you;  there’s no better place to visit and share.

There is no simple message here at “Our Cancer.”  We tackle the hard stuff, the same way we face living with cancer every day.  This is a community of really smart, savvy cancer victims. 

NO free pass for the beast here.

Come back often…we welcome your thoughts.



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