She’s been holding her breath for ten days.  Ten days since the PET scan to see if more chemo would be in her immediate future.  Ten days to wait to hear which way the cancer news would go;  there was more cancer, or there wasn’t.  Ten days is an eternity when you’re waiting for test results in cancer world.

So late last night, she sent the email.  “NO more chemo.”  “I’m going to rest a little and get ready for reconstructive surgery and then some radiation.”


I could feel her breathing again from 3 thousand miles away.  The relief in her words was palpable. 

This isn’t the time to talk about the radiation and how that will effect her.  This is the time to think about rebounding from a grueling course of chemo treatments.  It’s time to encourage her about the reconstruction of her breasts.  It’s time to listen to the hope that bounded back into her voice following the news of no more chemo.  The hope of finding her normal again after months of adapting to the demands of cancer.

It’s time to exhale.

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