Dreaming in Stereo

Some people dream in black and white, others swear they dream in color. 

Last night, I dreamt in stereo.

Last night, in the middle of the night, I woke up laughing.  Laughing with Leroy!!!

I know this sounds so completely crazy but it’s true.  I don’t usually remember my dreams in the morning and I think I can count on one hand, the times I’ve had a dream about Leroy since he’s been gone.  So last night was a five-star night for me.  Not only was he in my dream, but we were laughing so hard over a silly, funny thing I used to do; pretending to walk in slow motion.  (Trust me, you had to be there.)

I’m sure some psychologist would have a field day trying to interpret all of this.  I’m really not interested in hearing the meaning behind it.

I’m just so happy to have “seen” him and I’m even happier to have “heard” his laugh. 

What a night!

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