She endured her cancer in silence.  Even in the community where she lived and worked and spread her wisdom of space and technology, Sally Ride decided her diagnosis of pancreas cancer and her battle against it, would be her own. 

That was her choice…her right.  But now, her struggle will become a public declaration for help in research and discovery against this cancer, that leaves very few survivors. 

The Sally Ride Pancreatic Cancer Initiative has been created in her memory. 

All I can say is “Look out pancreas cancer, you’re about to feel the power of the people.” 

She may have struggled in silence, but Sally Ride’s friends will gather to make a statement in honor of their friend.  Remember she had a habit of being a “first” in many pockets of her life…wouldn’t it be great, if this time around, her initiative, made a major break-through against this horrible cancer.

It would be so fitting.

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